What to Expect From a Reading

Many people think of tarot as a kind of parlor trick, and I get it: Plenty of tarot readers try to entice people with promises of fortunes told, romances fulfilled, impending disaster. Tarot can be quite useful as a divinatory tool, or even as a playful game for our imaginations (it’s a deck of cards, after all).

But as a person and a practitioner, I use tarot as a contemplative guide & tool for personal and spiritual growth. For me, tarot is a support for meaning-making rather than a means of extracting predictions.

The right question is one of the most important parts of a meaningful tarot reading. What’s the right question? It’s the one that gets down into the heart of what’s actually important to know, and it’s rarely— if ever— one that yields a prediction of what’s to come.

Predictions serve who I think I am, not the essential nature of who I actually am. When I’ve sought predictions from my readings, it’s always because I was grasping for control from a state of fear. And the end result was never satisfying.

My readings are a little different. Informed by a blend of intuition, lived experience and lots of research, sessions with me are substantial and deep.

So… What does that look like?


During a reading, we begin with you.
We start with what’s on your heart, what’s coming up for you lately. We talk, we laugh, we probably cuss (or at least I do). You might share things with me that you don’t know how to share with anyone else, and that’s just fine: it’s my honor to hold space for you with dignity, empathy and respect.

I listen deeply, and together we’ll get clear about your question. We take our time here because my intention is to provide you with a meaningful reading that reflects reality, introduces you to new facets of your fullest Self, and offers support for your journey of becoming more fully human.


Next, we sit in presence together. 

I’ll prepare my tarot deck and invite you to center yourself while I do. When it’s time, I’ll offer my hands to shuffle on your behalf, splitting the deck and allowing you to choose the top based on your body’s innate knowing.

This is a simple, holy moment. We allow our hearts to connect to your intention and trust that the right answers will come. (Spoiler alert: They always do.)


Then, we take a story journey.

The cards will tell the story you need most, and I will unearth and translate it in a way you can understand. 

I will draw on the imagery of the cards in your reading, the layered meanings behind them, make connections to your story & lived experience, note synchronicities & patterns, and work with you to find connection and guidance that feels relevant. I may even offer up ideas for bringing lessons from the reading into your life, if desired.


After your reading:
After your reading you will receive an audio or video recording of your session (if desired), a photo of the complete spread, and an outline of the cards and what their positions represent.

Like the sound of that?