I’m a tarot reader & fellow traveler meandering through life, finding my way.

I’m not initiated into any esoteric orders, I don’t have religious training, I’m not a whatever-generation descendant of magical healers who passed their secrets down through the ages. I’m just… me. A person. An earthling who believes the sacred is not separate from the profane.

In fact, I started reading tarot for others over a decade ago in dimly lit bars! These days my practice is 100% virtual and a bit more low-key, but my language is as colorful as ever. 🙂

I have an English degree from a state school and a never-to-be-finished Masters in Education (and the student debt almost 20 years later to prove it). I worked in welfare offices and schools and nonprofits before I became self-employed. My first business was a walking tour company I started with one of my best buds (shout out to the GTGs, still slaying). Since then I’ve been a cocktail developer & bartender, freelance writer, fulfillment assistant, virtual project/business manager, web developer, voice over artist… 

Why share all of this non tarot-related experience with you? Because my untidy story is what informs my one-of-a-kind approach to tarot. I’ve hit every detour and made dozens of U-Turns all to realize there’s no “wrong way” on this journey— even when my ego swears I’ve fucked it all up for good.

Are you an aspiring pilgrim of the world?

I’d love to help you notice your own holy road.